Lubbock-Cooper Celebrates Dedication of New Middle School

Category: Architecture

Written By: Valerie Edgren

Date: August 26, 2021

Lubbock-Cooper Celebrates Dedication of New Middle School cover image

Lubbock community members gathered recently to dedicate their new Lubbock-Cooper Middle School off Texas State Highway Loop 493. The school on the Cooper South campus features the striking Cooper colors, 21st-Century team-teaching pods, outdoor collaborative areas, daylighting, and a STEM and robotics lab. 

The state-of-the-art design and attention to detail is what impressed Principal Tami Gunset.

“I feel like this is probably the best middle school in the state of Texas," she said, "and so we’re super excited to be able to open up the campus next week. I love that it’s open, and it’s big and spacious. I don’t know anywhere that there’s not going to be a teacher who can’t have eyes on the kids. I don’t know that there’s going to be anywhere when they’re in classrooms that you’re not going to be able to see in other classrooms. I think just the openness and the visibility of the campus is going to be a great thing for our campus.” 

Gunset anticipates other fast-growth school districts trying to model this school’s innovative features. The new school has replaced the oldest building in the Lubbock-Cooper community and is the second middle school for the Lubbock-Cooper community.  

“We’ve been researching the best ways to educate kids and the best ways to design buildings where they learn best. I think this building is going to be a great showcase, a great experience for the kids for years to come,” said Parkhill's Ashlee Horsley, AIA. 

The school is designed around visibility while incorporating the Seven Layers of Security to keep eyes on the students while in their everyday learning environment, but also get them protected and hidden in the event of a threat.       

Parkhill Project Manager Jeff Reed, AIA, said the building’s uniqueness is due in part to 21st-Century modalities with operable glass partitions and a hybrid-type learning layout based on a combination of grade level combinations and teaching styles. He said the new building is planned to last 50-60 years.

"Just like any new facility, they're astounded," Reed said. "Like 'Wow, we didn't think this would happen for us here at Lubbock-Cooper.' You can see the smiles on the students' faces, and the parents can see the facilities Lubbock-Cooper is providing for the students."