Parkhill Announces 2017 Community Investment Grant, Pro-Bono Recipients

Category: Building Community

Written By: Travis Cram

Date: April 5, 2017

Parkhill Announces 2017 Community Investment Grant, Pro-Bono Recipients cover image

LUBBOCK, Texas — The Board of Directors at Parkhill announced Wednesday that the company will award more than $149,000 in impact grants and pro-bono work to 16 organizations in 2017 as part of its Community Investment Initiative. 

Parkhill’s mission statement of “Building Community” reaches far beyond the vast amount of architecture and engineering projects in Texas. More than 300 employees use the company’s ventures and inspired contributions to transform the communities they work in and serve each and every day. 

The Community Investment Initiative is grounded in a commitment by Parkhill to return 1 percent of its revenue to the communities it serves. Parkhill illustrates the idea of Building Community through grants, employee matching gifts, local office giving for immediate needs and pro-bono services. 

“When we first started this program, what we wanted was to put an example behind what ‘Building Community’ meant,” said Joe Rapier, Parkhill CEO and President. “So we asked ourselves, how can we best show our communities and our employees that building communities through relevant and inventive environments is what we are all about. And that’s how this program came about.” 

Since the program’s inception in 2015, Parkhill has donated more than $600,000 to fund more than 40 projects for community organizations around Lubbock, Abilene, Austin, Amarillo, El Paso, Frisco, Midland, and in New Mexico. But it’s not just about the money donated or free services. Parkhill employees also volunteer at local soup kitchens, canned food drives, and fundraisers to directly build community with the people in the organizations they help. 

Unpack Incorporated in Lubbock wanted to find a way to reach more of the women it helps by offering a computer lab in their building that sits alongside its daycare room. Women who do not have access to a home computer or help with childcare will have the opportunity to learn computer skills and have access to a computer without the worry of how to get care for their child at the same time thanks to a $14,000 impact grant from Parkhill through the Community Investment Initiative. 

“It means so much to us, Parkhill. You’re changing lives,” said Unpack Incorporated founder and president, Poppy Beard. “This is going to help us advance this generation that the world has set aside and said it’s too far gone. We’ve seen so much change and because of you all, we can advance more change.” 

El Paso MDA executive director Kathleen Born wanted to be able to send more kids with muscular dystrophy and their caregivers and families the chance to experience their summer camp. Parkhill gave a $5,000 grant to MDA that will help send five kids to camp this summer. 

“You can see that the need is there for these kids and families in El Paso that are dealing with so much,” Born said. “So, it speaks volumes for a company like Parkhill to give and be able to help provide more than just money. They are helping provide an opportunity for these kids to go experience something they might not otherwise get the chance to do.” 

The Community Investment Initiative also provides pro-bono opportunities for organizations along with the impact grants. Parkhill has spent nearly $250,000 in pro-bono work in the last three years to help provide architectural or engineering services for organizations. 

Jordan Perry, Development Officer for Make-A-Wish Lubbock, wanted a “Wish Room” to welcome the families and Make-A-Wish kids to the Lubbock facility downtown, to help provide that magical experience as the families talk through the process and the kids decide what they want their wish to be. 

In addition to the $4,000 impact grant, Parkhill will also provide $4,000 in pro-bono services to help design the room for the Make-A-Wish foundation. 

“We’re really excited to have this piece to help complete our Lubbock office,” Perry said. “We really appreciate that Parkhill is going to help us fund and design this amazing room for these kids and families.”

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