Our Team

Parkhill was established in 1945 and has more than 400 employees in offices across Texas, New Mexico, and Oklahoma. Parkhill is a multidisciplinary firm that provides comprehensive architectural and engineering design services for projects in government, commercial and institutional sectors - including K-12 and higher education, aviation, public works, environmental, infrastructure, transportation, healthcare, and church facilities. Parkhill's design professionals include architects, civil engineers, interior designers, landscape architects, MEP engineers, structural engineers, as well as professionals in construction management and surveying.


Building community by creating inventive, relevant built environments together.


To enhance lives and inspire people in the communities we build.


Collective Values

  • Real Innovation: Intersection of creativity and relevance
  • Engaging Collaboration: Overlap between individual aspirations and the common good
  • Life Balance: Our work is important to us, but it is not everything
  • Enduring Relationships: Long-term connections signal our success in keeping people at the center of all we do

Individual Values

  • Personal Ownership: Taking individual responsibility anywhere we are
  • Deepening Credibility: Recognizing our character and our competence matters
  • Contagious Passion: Energy and enthusiasm to what is meaningful in our work
  • Inspired Contribution: Giving back with gratitude
  • Unassuming Influence: Focusing on long-term change
  • Informed Insight: Seeing clearly and intuitively beyond complexity
  • Humble Leadership: Guiding with patience and empathy

The Parkhill Difference

Tools To Optimize

This service begins with peer-based facility benchmarks then models future demand using predictive analytics developed from the statistical analysis of more than 300 Texas school districts.

Parkhill metrics are trusted by over 30 districts and have been instrumental in passing over 20 bond programs. Metrics help school districts maximize facility impact on learning, minimize facility cost-of-ownership, justify facility improvements, and so much more.

Our Impact

At Parkhill, we're committed to serving our clients' needs for innovative design services that are cost-effective and sensitive to the impact on the environment. Our on-staff specialists in energy and environmental design offer high quality and qualified expertise.

We continually seek and educate all disciplines on innovations in building science, technology, materials, and operations that promote the "green building" concept. Our goal is to find, identify, and use these environmentally friendly materials, products, and systems in our everyday practices to offer our clients a better environment for their community!

The Parkhill Difference

At Parkhill, We're Designing and Building for Your Tomorrow

Our Culture

Building Community

Our mission statement of Building Community reaches far beyond the vast architecture and engineering projects we've completed across West Texas. More than 400 employees use Parkhill's ventures and inspired contributions to transform the communities they serve each day.

Since 2015, Parkhill has donated more than $1.6 million to fund over 60 projects for community organizations across Texas and New Mexico and volunteered over 3,000 hours.

Commitment To Education

Established in 2003, Parkhill University is an annual continuing education program for all Parkhill employees to learn about the latest industry developments and grow professional relationships. Participants learn about innovative design disciplines and showcase their latest work and success of Parkhill's team of dedicated employees.

Our Culture