An inventive and relevant approach to delivering projects for Faith-Based Organizations.

A staggering 80% of Faith-Based Organizations have design plans and goals that are never met. While there are many contributing factors, this problem caused us to reflect on our role and rethink our behaviors so we can be part of the solution.  

Your organization deserves to be in the 20% of Faith-Based Organizations that use their resources to create a guiding atmosphere of grace and purpose.  

We have developed a paradigm shift in the approach to the project process, so it is scalable, sustainable, and successful. This will help us better serve you so you can continue your mission of service. 

By partnering with Parkhill, we can help you turn your vision into reality.  

Be part of the change. Be the 20. 

The Village Church | Flower Mound, Texas

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Get Wrapped Church | Spring, Texas

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Perryton Airport
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Together, we will create a space for Building Community