EPISD Coronado HS Academic Building.Oct. 29-Feb. 13

Category: Architecture

Written By: Nicole McBride

Date: March 3, 2020

EPISD Coronado HS Academic Building.Oct. 29-Feb. 13 cover image

This #TimeLapseTuesday shows 3 1/2 months of continuing construction at the site of the academic building at El Paso ISD’s Coronado High School. The foreground depicts excavation for continuous footings at the building’s perimeter and spot footings for interior steel columns at Area A3 which includes classrooms and teacher-support areas. This is followed by trenching for underground utility lines, backfill of those trenches, placement of a moisture barrier and placement of an on-grade concrete slab.

The background shows the excavation for footings followed by wall formwork and eventually casting of retaining concrete walls separating the lower floor of Area A1 from the elevated floor in Area A2. The design of A1 is comprised of administration spaces, and A2 includes more classrooms and teacher-support areas.

Stay tuned for more updates!