Environmental Sector: Get to Know Frank Pugsley

Category: Environmental

Written By: Valerie Edgren

Date: October 11, 2021

Environmental Sector: Get to Know Frank Pugsley cover image

Frank Pugsley, PE, is the new Director of Parkhill’s Environmental Sector. He brings more than 18 years of experience on a variety of municipal infrastructure projects ranging from solid waste management to water treatment plant process improvements and municipal water and wastewater systems. He was 2016-17 President of the Dallas Branch ASCE, and was a board member of the SWANA Lone Star Chapter. Engineering News Record Texas & Louisiana (ENR) recognized him as a Top Young Professional in 2017.

Q: What values set Parkhill apart for you? Real innovation, personal ownership, engaging collaboration, deepening credibility, life balance, contagious passion, enduring relationships, inspired contribution, unassuming influence, informed insight, or humble leadership? 

Remembering that as an engineer, our impact on communities is delivered by focusing on long-term change, “unassuming influence” is top of mind in my work. Some projects take years or even a decade to come to fruition, but they all make a profound impact on the high quality of life possible in the communities we serve. 

Q: What project has given you a passion for your expertise? 

In line with focusing on long-term change, one project is a small piece of the whole. Public utilities, including solid waste, water, and wastewater services are the backbone of public health for society. I am proud to know that the sum of the projects we complete positively impacts all residents and visitors to a community.  

Q: Why did you choose to be an engineer?  

I chose to pursue a career in engineering due to my primary interests in all math and sciences in high school. I found my physics and chemistry teachers to be very engaging, and those classes were fun for me. In addition to that, both my father and grandfather studied engineering. Fun fact: The three of us are tri-generational Tau Beta Pi members, a multi-discipline engineering honor society, from the University of Texas (1941), The University of Houston (1971), and Texas Tech University (2000). 

Q: What are your outside affiliations?  

Throughout my career, I have made a point of involving myself in various professional societies. I have served in many roles at the Dallas Branch of the American Society of Civil Engineering, including president; the Solid Waste Association of North America as an International board member; and the Water Environment Association of Texas as a member. Through these organizations, teams of professionals further the missions of our industries and provide much-needed outreach to future generations of engineers and environmental professionals.

Also, I was fortunate to serve as a board member of the Upper Trinity Regional Water District, representing the City of Denton. 

Q: What is something interesting about yourself? 

In my free time, I enjoy both road and mountain biking, and on two occasions, I have run into George W. Bush (and a full complement of Secret Service) out for a mountain bike ride on one of our local trails.