GPS-X software saves clients time and money

Category: Engineering

Written By: Valerie Edgren

Date: August 31, 2021

GPS-X software saves clients time and money cover image

Parkhill’s Treatment Practice has gained a new resource, GPS-X, a software designed by Hydromantis that serves as a tool to model current, new, and/or proposed plant designs. Cynthia Diaz de Leon, an engineering technologist with Parkhill, helped the sector implement the software to develop virtual designs.

“Modeling can be viewed as a resourceful tool as it can develop and test designs without them having to be physically built,” she said.  

She links modeling to baking a cake. Certain ingredients are needed to obtain a cake with ideal fluffiness and flavor. Understanding what ingredients and knowing the correct servings of each ingredient will result in the ideal cake.

“If ingredients are excluded or included in a smaller or larger quantity than intended, the cake’s consistency becomes impacted,” she said. "Now think of having to keep mixing ingredients over and over again until you get it right. Think of the time, effort, and money being spent. Modeling helps us use trial and error without exhausting our resources and ultimately helps us save time and money for our clients.

Modeling provides ease of mind to our clients by giving them an idea of what results they could obtain.”

Brian Stephens, PE, a Parkhill Principal and Director of Treatment, said her work saves the firm time and identifies issues that may come up.

“Cynthia is a great process modeling engineer here at Parkhill. Her knowledge and dedication in building accurate models for our clients’ WWTPs help us to quickly identify issues and limitations in the treatment process.”