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Category: Building Community

Written By: Austin Moore

Date: August 18, 2021

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In support of the Healthcare Practice's Strategic Plan, the Healthcare Organizational Management team is excited to introduce a practice-specific mentoring series called “Mentoring Excellence” or “Mx”.

Sessions are derived from a sector survey campaign and designed to target and reinforce key professional strengths. We are facilitating classroom, interactive, and on-site mentoring sessions in an effort to be more intentional about sharing professional knowledge.

At our most recent session, HC team members in the Lubbock office teamed up with Alan Holly to study the site drainage challenges and solutions at the new Amazon Sortation Facility in the Lubbock Business Park. We reviewed drawings before the visit to familiarize ourselves with the specific system, then were guided through the implementation and execution by the designer. This kept our visit targeted and interactive.

These sessions are intended to expand knowledge of systems, strategies, and methods related to design, construction, and Building Community.