Lubbock Avalanche-Journal: Transition in Leadership at Parkhill as Rapier Eases into Retirement

Category: Company News

Written By: Nicole McBride

Date: November 11, 2019

Lubbock Avalanche-Journal: Transition in Leadership at Parkhill as Rapier Eases into Retirement cover image

Joe Rapier has been a champion of the personal and professional development of clients, employees, their families, and building communities for 24 years. He joined PSC in 1991 as Project Engineer before moving on to Structural Group leader and Division Manager of the MPE-Structural Division. Joe now leads a new effort in the business as the Director of Innovation after serving 13 years as the company’s fourth CEO and President. 

Jay Edwards was named the CEO and President in 2019 after serving as the Chief Operating Officer since 2015, overseeing the company’s strategic efforts. Jay has led some of the largest and most successful engineering projects in West Texas over the last 18 years. He led PSC’s K-12 Sector for 12 years and takes pride in developing long-lasting relationships and Building Community with clients. 

From the Lubbock Avalanche-Journal 

LUBBOCK, Texas — After 13 years as president and CEO, Joe Rapier is transitioning to a new position at Lubbock-based architecture and engineering firm Parkhill. 

Rapier recently became the company’s first director of innovation. In the new job, Rapier will analyze what is next for the industry, both for the workforce and clients. 

“We expect it to be an investment for our clients, for ourselves, and the communities we work with,” Rapier said. 

This is a step toward full-time retirement for Rapier. He said it was time to hand the reins over to a new leader. Rapier likened this recent transition to when he became president and CEO, then succeeding Clayton Yeager as the “next generation” of the company. 

“It’s somebody else’s turn,” Rapier said. “I thought ‘what is our next hill, what is our next accomplishment at this firm?’ That’s when I got to thinking that ought to be taken by somebody else with a different skill set.”