Midland Airport Upgrades to Improve Security, Emergency Response Times

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Written By: Ben Evans and Nathan Morrow

Date: September 8, 2022

Midland Airport Upgrades to Improve Security, Emergency Response Times cover image

The Midland International Air and Spaceport will receive upgrades to its current system that will improve the speed of gate operation, security, and response time for emergencies.

Under the supervision of our Construction Management Team, sign panels that planes use to navigate around the airport are being replaced, along with all taxiway and runway lighting and signage.

Signs around the perimeter road to help prevent incursions are also being installed. MAF has expressed a great deal of appreciation for the new lights. New V Mag high-speed gate operators are also being installed by Onyx Contractors and Premier Fence of Midland and our Construction Management Team.  

The system is assisted by electromagnetic linear induction motor technology allowing gates to operate at two to four seconds per feet response time, approximately doubling opening and closing reaction times versus conventional belt or chain-driven gate operators.

Due to today's greater security risk, Midland Airport has opted to outfit the new SV 1 A and B gate Entrance and Exit with the new V Mag operator. Speed and security are two of the primary concerns concerning airport emergencies.

These new gates will allow first responders and staff quicker access when each second matters.