Parkhill Abroad - Day 2 with Brian Griggs in Spain

Category: Architecture

Written By: Brian Griggs

Date: October 10, 2017

Parkhill Abroad - Day 2 with Brian Griggs in Spain cover image

Brian Griggs is a Principal based in Parkhill’s Amarillo Office in the Higher Education Sector. He is currently in Spain, researching his book on the architectural heritage of Texas Tech University. His expertise includes collegiate and multi-facility master planning, charrette coordination, pre-design programming of higher educational facilities, and the design of instructional, laboratory, student life, and residential facilities for community colleges, CTE institutions, and universities. 

Below is a pic showing some of the field drawings I am producing, which are coming along very well given lessons learned from the research visit in San Diego from back in March. 


In some cases (like the elevation of the Torreon de los Guzmanes facade on the left), drawings do not exist and have to be drawn in entirety.  For some facades, like the Colegio Mayor de San Ildefonso at the Universidad de Alcala (at right), drawings exist, but not complete drawings and so I had to field draw portions of the facade. 

Others like the Portada del Capilla de Santiago Cebedeo at the Siguenza Cathedral had been drawn previously.  In that case, the center drawing page has additional details that were incomplete or incorrect, in this case with a circa-1880s drawing of the Portada by the Scottish architect Andrew Noble Prentice. 

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