Parkhill Chosen for Denton County Health Clinic Project

Category: Architecture

Written By: The Denton Record-Chronicle

Date: November 28, 2020

Parkhill Chosen for Denton County Health Clinic Project cover image

Commissioners moved forward Tuesday with the planned Denton County Employee Wellness Clinic, where county employees will be able to go for health services, by approving Parkhill as the project’s architectural firm and Marathon Health LLC as its health service vendor. 

The clinic will be at the county’s complex on Morse Street at Loop 288, using office space that will be retrofitted and remodeled by Parkhill. Commissioners did not specify a timeline for the project, but a previous presentation from the firm suggests construction could begin in February and go until at least May. 

Commissioner Ron Marchant said the clinic should save the county money long-term by reducing health claims filed by employees, which it currently has to pay due to being self-insured. 

“We’re adding convenience for our workforce as well as cost savings to the county,” Marchant said. “We’re going to be hitting the ground running.” 

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