Parkhill’s Steven Holmes, AIA, Earns Firm’s First Living Future Accreditation for Sustainable Design

Written By: Parkhill Communications

Date: June 5, 2024

Parkhill’s Steven Holmes, AIA, Earns Firm’s First Living Future Accreditation for Sustainable Design cover image

Inspired by the 2024 Living Future Conference and Parkhill’s commitment to design excellence, Steven Holmes decided to pursue and successfully earn his Living Future Accreditation (LFA), marking a significant milestone in his career. This credential, awarded by the International Living Future Institute (ILFI), signifies expertise in advanced and holistic regenerative design standards.  

As the first LFA professional at Parkhill, Steven enhances the firm's sustainable design initiatives and can help guide projects interested in learning about and potentially pursuing the Living Building Challenge Certification. 

“The intent behind earning this LFA credential is to foster a comprehensive approach to sustainable design and encourage professionals to consider the entire life cycle of materials with a focus on the broader environmental impact,” Steven said. 

The credential requires 20-30 hours of Foundational LFA units and 16 General units on specialized topics, with fast-track options for LEED and WELL-accredited professionals. The LFA prepares professionals to address complex problems and lead sustainable projects. 

The LFA is based on the Living Building Challenge and focuses on seven performance areas: place, Water, Energy, Health + Happiness, Materials, Equity, and Beauty. This framework promotes interconnected, biophilic, healthy, and community-focused designs.  

With more than a decade of design experience in federal, K-12, religious, and private sector projects, Steven regularly incorporates nontoxic materials, quality daylighting, high-efficiency ventilation, biophilic strategies, and energy and water use reduction strategies into his work. His dedication extends beyond his professional life, advocating for health and well-being in all aspects. 

Steven also strongly advocates pursuing credentials like LEED, WELL, and/or LFA to turn sustainable intentions into impactful actions, advancing the design industry toward a more sustainable future.