Prefab Healthcare Construction

Category: Architecture

Written By: Kristen West

Date: September 26, 2018

Prefab Healthcare Construction cover image

Small town communities are the backbone of industry, innovation, and life as we know it. Parkhill prides itself on helping these communities by using the latest construction methods to make large hospital building projects a reality. 

The construction industry faces good times and hard times, but the need for their services only grows. Small towns have restricted labor forces and must work at the highest efficiency to bring these community-building projects to sometimes remote regions. Prefabrication and modular construction streamlines construction and allows small towns to take on huge projects because parts of the building are constructed off-site. 

You can think of prefabrication like this. If you need a bookshelf, you can either buy it, bring it home, and put it together or you can buy it ready to go. If you choose to assemble it yourself, you must transport the parts, decipher the instructions, and hope you can screw a screw in straight. You sacrifice time and quality. If you buy it made by a professional who makes bookshelves like yours all the time, your biggest worry will be which wall it will look best against. That’s how prefabricated construction works but instead of a bookshelf, you have building elements like bathrooms, lighting fixtures, and headwalls. 

Hospital design lends itself to prefabrication because there are set standards and redundancies in design. Think about how many alike bathrooms, patient rooms, etc. a hospital must-have. Having factories fabricate these elements and send them to the site means the small workforce in a rural town doesn’t have to worry about constructing 50 of the same bathrooms on site. 

This also means the facility that’s creating the 50 bathrooms can check their quality and make sure all the parts are working before the elements ever make it to the site, relieving work crews of having to do the same quality control in an unpredictable, outdoor environment. 

Parkhill must make sure that if our clients decide to use prefabrication that design decisions are finalized early because the elements impact the design. This method has long lead times and leaves little room for last-minute changes, which can also keep a tight budget in check. 

Hospitals are important for any community, but in rural areas with limited access to healthcare, they support life and growth in their community and region. Prefabrication allows our small town partners to realize huge community investment projects.