Students of Monahans Embark on a New Journey of Learning

Category: K12 Education

Written By: Chris Libby

Date: January 31, 2023

Students of Monahans Embark on a New Journey of Learning cover image

Members of the Monahans community gathered on Wednesday, January 4th, 2023, for an Open House to preview the highly anticipated new Parkway Elementary campus in Monahans, Texas. The ultramodern learning facility will accommodate up to 900 students, with two separate 450-student schools housed within a single building. The innovative design promotes innovative approaches to student and teacher collaboration, increases safety, and poises Parkway Elementary for future growth without sacrificing the appeal of personalized attention. 

“What I see in this school is our kids are going to have the best they can possibly have and that it is going to be here for a long time,” said Chad Smith, Monahan Superintendent of Schools. “The classroom hubs provide a lot more collaboration and will make our kids more successful. The building as a whole is wonderful but probably my favorite part is the collaboration opportunities that the teachers are going to have.” 

A Community-First Focus 

Parkhill’s K–12 Sector spent three years of extensive planning and collaboration with city and school officials and community members to address multiple concerns. The new facility is now better equipped to handle current and future enrollments and features innovative concepts to cultivate a supportive and thriving learning environment. 

“We had a lot of collaborative support from the district’s principals, administrators, and maintenance staff but also with the community. They were involved especially in the stage of master planning,” Parkhill’s Director of K-12 Business Development Allen Wolf said.  

The community expressed that they wanted a fun and creative place for their children to learn, play, and dream. Parkhill Senior Associate and Project Manager RJ Lopez points out that not only does the new facility accomplish these goals and more, but messages of optimism and hope are reinforced on the entryway canopy as students are greeted each day. “When students, teachers, and community members walk in, they immediately know what this building is all about,” he said. 

“When students, teachers, and community members walk in, they immediately know what this building is all about.”

This unique feature was the result of thoughtful community-focused planning and student-driven facility goals highlighted in 24-inch letters affixed above the walkway reading: Dream. Discover. Learn. Create. Play.

Layouts Designed for Learning 

The innovative layout of the school’s floorplan is organized into eight “Learning Neighborhoods” to promote collaborative learning. Each neighborhood is themed after a different type of wolf and has a central hub surrounded by classrooms, conference rooms, and a Teacher Professional Learning Community collaboration area.

Intentional graphics, artwork, and hand-painted murals of the school’s and city’s history with the Lobo mascot not only reinforces community pride but also serves as a constant learning opportunity.  

Janessa, a Parkway sixth grader, is excited about her new school because it is a learning experience unlike any other. “My favorite place is the library,” she said. “I like to sit in the Lobo letters because they are very comfy for reading.”   

Investing In the Future 

Parkhill and the City of Monahans share the belief that investing in education is critical to Building Community, and it gives every child the opportunity and learning tools they need to flourish in life. The cost-efficient and energy-saving design of the campus saved the district significant funds throughout the building process and will continue to save annual costs over the facility’s life cycle. The new Parkway Elementary campus will continue to be a safe place for learning that positively shapes young minds and adequately prepares them for bright futures.