Parkhill’s COVID-19 Task Force Discusses Returning to Offices

Category: Building Community

Written By: Kristen West

Date: May 30, 2020

Parkhill’s COVID-19 Task Force Discusses Returning to Offices cover image

In March, Parkhill’s leadership implemented a COVID-19 Task Force to monitor the changing situation and determine the necessary policies and procedures to maintain operations during the COVID-19 pandemic. The task force is taking a proactive approach to keep Parkhill’s employees safe and healthy while doing what it can to prevent the spread of the virus in our communities. 

The task force meets regularly and monitors CDC and other agencies, including OSHA, EEOC, DOL, etc., guidelines along with local, state, and federal guidelines and orders. They also are in regular communication with Parkhill’s location leaders to stay abreast of situational circumstances. Current information is shared using the firm’s intranet and other digital tools, making employees aware of restrictions and opportunities as early as possible. 

Communication and transparency are critical elements in helping Parkhill’s employees be confident in the state of the firm and their role in it. Two of Parkhill’s values, “Informed Insight’ and “Humble Leadership,” are foremost in the task force’s minds. They are concerned with how the firm can genuinely and compassionately provide solutions to allow Parkhill’s employees to be at their best, serve their clients, and manage personal environments. 

Recently, the task force decided to let employees weigh in on their feelings about working from home and the firm’s approach to reopening its offices. A firm-wide survey was sent out to better understand each employee’s personal and professional circumstances. 

“We will be using the ideas shared by employees as we develop the first phase of reopening the offices. Each office will develop a plan that will consider the specific orders in place at their location, the office layout, and more,” said Dawn Moore, SPHR, Parkhill’s vice president of human resources and task force member. 

The results of the survey, which were reported in early May, indicated that Parkhill employees were divided on whether the firm should return to the offices as soon as possible, by the end of May, or after that. These results reflect how conflicted most Americans seem to be. The task force is taking care to hear these concerns and develop the next steps as a firm. 

Whatever their decision might be, the situation surrounding the virus seems to be as rapidly changing as ever, and having a dedicated team managing the firm’s response is a great comfort. 

“Ultimately we want to keep our people safe, and we will take a cautious approach when reopening the offices for the safety and health of our people,” Moore said. “The task force has been overwhelmed with our employee’s response to the pandemic. Our employees are strong, agile, persevering, and responsible. In the face of a tremendous crisis, we are Parkhill Proud.”