Time-Warp Tuesday: Progress of Buddy Holly Hall

Category: Timewarp Tuesday

Written By: Mike Moss

Date: January 17, 2020

Time-Warp Tuesday: Progress of Buddy Holly Hall cover image

The Buddy Holly Hall of Performing Arts and Sciences continues to make progress with over 250 construction workers on site every day. Final finishes are being installed throughout portions of the 220,000 square foot building. A quick building tour passes by the 13-ton elliptical stair in the ground floor lobby, past the future box office and out the east end of the building under the “bird tail” that will provide shaded cover for outdoor seating and a performance platform.

Back into the building through the multi-purpose room and up to the third balcony for a quick peek into the main theater which will house approximately 2,200 seats, then through the atrium lobby down a few turns of stairs to the second balcony, more stairs down to the first balcony, a quick look at the founders' lounge and patio, more stairs (I am getting dizzy!) and a quick peek at the back of the house!

Whew, that is one way to get all of your steps in for the day!