Vicenza High School is Almost Finito!

Written By: RJ Lopez, AIA

Date: February 28, 2023

Vicenza High School is Almost Finito! cover image

Vicenza High School, located in Vicenza, Italy, will be the only Department of Defense Education Activity project opening this year. The school is scheduled to open in August 2023 in time for the students' and teachers' first school year. Parkhill is the prime architect and engineer for the school, and after six years of design work and construction, the school is almost finito! 

The new high school site, Villagio della Pace, meaning “Village of Peace,” is a gated housing community for US members of the 173rd Airborne Brigade Combat Team and their dependents. The 21st-century school celebrates both Italian and American culture, including artists, inventors, and elements of architecture and engineering.

Show above is the view of the Commons from the second-floor balcony to the stage. An acoustic wood ceiling and raiseable thrust stage platform are waiting to be installed. We can't wait to see the terrazzo flooring unveiled!

Fun Fact:

Under the terrazzo, the floors have radiant heating throughout. Benefits of radiant heating include:

  • Uniform heating of the building
  • Low maintenance compared to traditional HVAC systems
  • Non-allergenic
  • No noise while in use
  • Energy efficiency and no duct loss due to changes in air pressure and airflow
  • Ease of installation

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