Building Community with CANstruction

Category: Building Community

Written By: Nicole McBride

Date: December 11, 2018

Building Community with CANstruction cover image

CANstruction was organized on December 8 at the Downtown El Paso Public Library to benefit the El Pasoans Fighting Hunger Food Bank. Members of the Parkhill team included Chris Nance, Gus Sosa, Miguel Benavente, Sandra Gutierrez, Gabriel DeHaro, Marc Martinez, Candice Reyes, Mark Sanchez, Martin Contreras, Lynda Macias, Michael Stills, and two high school student volunteers, Matthew Sanchez and Marco Boisselier.

Parkhill’s can structure was the famous Grinch from Dr. Seuss’s How the Grinch Stole Christmas. The Grinch’s green skin is made up of green cans of vegetables. His yellow eyes and red hat are both made of diced tomatoes cans. The black outline of his sneer is made from ranch-style beans and the trim of his hat from organic beans. The total number of cans used for the Grinch was 1,188, and the Parkhill team was recognized with an award for structural ingenuity.

CANstruction of The Grinch 

936 cans of 14.5-oz Libby’s Vegetables

96 cans of 14.5-oz Ranch Style Beans

84 cans of 14.5-oz Hunts Diced Tomatoes

48 cans of 14.5-oz Organics Beans

24 cans of 14.5-oz Red Gold Tomatoes

“We picked the Grinch because this is the season for all our hearts to grow three sizes! Parkhill’s mission is ‘Building Community,’ and we think that’s the lesson that The Grinch learns by the end of his story.”

Chris Nance, PE