Investment in High Quality Wastewater Treatment is Wise

Category: Engineering

Written By: Brian Stephens, PE

Date: July 16, 2021

Investment in High Quality Wastewater Treatment is Wise cover image

Brian Stephens, PE

Brian Stephens, PE, is a Principal and Parkhill’s Director of Treatment. As an expert in water and wastewater treatment, he has directed engineering services for projects ranging from $1 million to $80 million. Brian is passionate about providing clean and affordable potable drinking water to Parkhill’s clients. He identifies and provides effective treatment and reuse solutions to our clients’ treatment of wastewater so we can minimize the effect of potable groundwater usage here in our West Texas and Southeast New Mexico communities. Brian is a dedicated advocate for the Engineering profession and is actively involved in the National Society of Professional Engineers and the American Society of Civil Engineers. He is also a member of the American Water Works Association and the Water Environment Foundation.