Planning and Interiors: Get to Know Michael Howard

Category: Planning

Written By: Valerie Edgren

Date: September 14, 2021

Planning and Interiors: Get to Know Michael Howard cover image

Michael Howard, AIA, ASLA, AICP, is a Principal and the Director of Parkhill’s Planning and Interiors Practice. Michael also serves as Location Leader for Parkhill’s Frisco Office. He has led master planning and design projects for some of the largest and fastest-growing cities and school districts in Texas, including the City of Frisco and Frisco ISD.

Q: What project has given you a passion for your expertise?

Early In my career, I had the privilege to work with several school districts on facility master plans. My passion for this work really clicked when a school I helped plan gets built and I saw students and teachers thriving in their new learning environment.

Q: What values set Parkhill apart for you?

What sets Parkhill apart is our focus on community projects that inspire people and influence quality of life. I love our mission… Building Community. I look forward to each project knowing we have the chance to improve lives.

Q: What innovations have you helped with or have seen at Parkhill? 

Parkhill's most unique innovations have often come to meet a client's needs. Whether it’s a community needing clean water or a school district facing a housing shortage, Parkhill finds a way to keep communities thriving.

Q: What do you think is the next challenge in your field?

Community planning will continue to be challenged by rapidly changing social and economic structures. We can meet these challenges by focusing on metrics that impact sustainability, financial resiliency, and human wellness.

Q: Looking forward, where do you see your industry going in the next 20 years?

I look forward to seeing innovations in construction science and transportation technology reshape our buildings and communities.