Parkhill and ECISD to Conduct Student Surveys

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Date: May 30, 2016

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ODESSA, Texas — Parkhill along with Ector County Independent School District officials will be conducting interactive student surveys at the three new elementary schools this week. 

The surveys will be a different and unique experience for the students after spending their first year in the newly designed 21st Century schools. Parkhill and ECISD will get instant feedback from students during a live survey at each school over a two-day period. 

“Opinions about public schooling come from every direction,” Parkhill Executive Vice President of Architecture Dan Hart said. “We thought it would be interesting to listen to those most directly impacted – the students. We shaped these schools around what we felt would help them thrive. We’re excited to spend time with them and see how we did.” 

Three new elementary schools opened their doors this past fall in Ector County – Dr. Lee Buice Elementary, Buddy West Elementary, and Edward K. Downing Elementary. Parkhill designed these schools utilizing its 21st Century classroom design concepts. The new schools foster a more social and collaborative learning environment while keeping student engagement as a central focus. Parkhill’s award-winning designs are being used on several new elementary schools nationally and internationally. 

Parkhill was one of five firms chosen by the Department of Defense to develop new educational facilities specifications for its $4 billion school replacement program. Parkhill has provided that same thought leadership with regional school districts, in an approach that considers learning modalities, movement, collaboration, technology, and community connections along with the physical building. 

Parkhill is an architectural and engineering design firm that has been in professional practice since 1945 in West Texas. Parkhill has an entire team of design professionals dedicated to the K-12 Education sector with a passion for designing spaces that encourage learning, foster imagination, inspire creativity and create long-term value for the community. 

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Parkhill was contracted by Ector County ISD to design three colorful 21st-Century prototype elementary schools.